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CAM double rotor pump

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LAFA Pump Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.

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Address: No. 308, Yuncai Road, Industrial Zone, Yunlong Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

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LAFA Pump Technology (Ningbo) Co. Ltd.

   LAFA Pump Technology (Ningbo) Co. Ltd.cooperates with Sweden's famous fluid transport design and manufacturer to introduce a number of foreign advanced production technologies and equipment, specializing in the development and manufacture of cam rotor pumps, rubber pumps and homogeneous emulsion pumps. Has gradually become a new star in the pump industry.

    LAFA covers an area of 10,000 square meters and has a modern standard factory building of about 8,000 square meters. The company strictly controls the production process, providing customers with high quality and high performance products and creating more value. At present, the company has invested millions of funds to set up a non-destructive testing center. The equipment has direct reading spectrum imported from Germany SPECTRO (especially chemical composition analysis of materials in the food industry to ensure that the material of the product meets various industry standards), and the United States imports OLYMPUS ultrasonic wave. Detector (guaranteed the intrinsic molecular structure of the product blank), Germany imported WENZEL coordinate measuring machine (control the dimensional accuracy of product parts), the whole machine performance testing center (testing the performance parameters of the whole pump operation, each The entire pump must undergo rigorous performance testing before delivery to ensure that each pump's performance meets the user's requirements. At the same time, millions of funds were invested in processing equipment into the OKUMA vertical and OKUMA horizontal machining centers in Japan and the horizontal processing center of the original Korean DOOSAN800 (to ensure the processing stability of the parts and the interchangeability of parts and components, for after-sales The service lays a solid foundation).

    LAFA specializes in the development and manufacture of cam rotor pumps. Based on the spirit of integrity, innovation and excellence, we have created cam-type rotor pumps, rubber pumps, homogeneous emulsion pumps and other products to provide professional fluids for many customers at home and abroad. Conveying equipment and technical services. Lafay Pumps (LAFA) is committed to building a strong brand, establishing a professional and honest corporate image and creating higher value for its customers.


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Address: No. 308, Yuncai  Road, Industrial Zone, Yunlong Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China


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