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Proper maintenance of CAM rotor pump

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Proper maintenance of CAM rotor pump

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The difference between rotor pump and centrifugal pump: what are the main differences between rotor pump manufacturers and emulsion pump manufacturers?

1. When conveying materials, the rotor pump can control the flow of materials more accurately.HEX1 homogeneous emulsion pump when the centrifugal pump outputs the material, the flow is uncontrollable and decreases with increasing resistance.The rotor pump has self-priming ability during operation, and the centrifugal pump must be filled with liquid before operation.

2. Rotor pump speeds are very low, usually between 200 RPM and 600 RPM, and the HEX3 homogenized emulsion pump and the material to be transported are smoothly output without damage.The centrifugal pump has a high rotational speed, and the material is subjected to strong shocks and centrifugal forces during transportation, resulting in different material compositions when the centrifugal pump transports the mixture, which may reduce the quality of the centrifugal pump.Finished product.Emulsion pump manufacturer's rotor pump is the best choice to solve this problem, especially for conveying materials and even solid particles.

3. The structure of rotor pump is more complex and accurate.There is a certain gap between rotor and shell.No friction movement except bearing and gear, so the pump body no vibration, long life, high mechanical efficiency.Higher cost.Centrifugal pump structure is simple, the cost is relatively low.

4, the rotor pump can be used to transport high viscosity substances, so it is also known as the gel pump.Centrifugal pump can only transport low viscosity logistics.



5. Single suction chemical centrifugal pump can be easily made into materials with high output pressure, suitable for long distance or high resistance quantitative transport.In the rotor pump manufacturer small series to introduce the CAM rotor pump to you before the attention, do you know the correct maintenance method when using the CAM rotor pump?Only know the correct maintenance method, can extend the service life of the CAM rotor pump.Let's study with xiaobian today.

1. Check the quality of lubricant regularly and maintain good lubrication to extend the service life of gears and bearings.

2. Check the running state of the pump every day.If abnormal sound and vibration, or temperature rise, please stop the machine inspection.

3. After the inspection, close the inlet valve and outlet valve, open the drainage valve, and discharge liquid from the pump room, so as to avoid damage to the pump body during the disassembly process.

4. Turn off the power when the motor fails and stops.

5. When there are deep scratches on the CAM surface, take off the CAM and seal it, polish the CAM surface and check the flatness of the side, and adjust the scratch on the inner wall of the pump chamber.

Do you know what should be paid attention to when using CAM double rotor pump?

1. When the pump chamber is filled with liquid material, the CAM pump must be started because the mechanical seal of the pump body is mainly lubricated and cooled by the material.

2. The outlet valve must be opened before the CAM pump starts.Single-stage multi-channel emulsion pump

3. Stop the CAM pump before stopping, then close and exit the valve.Open the drain valve on the pipe, drain the material from the pump body, and rinse with water for the next start.

4. Import and export should be slow, too fast will cause pipeline impact.When the inverter control pump, it is more important to open the valve to control the flow.When the flow exceeds the rated flow of the pump, the frequency converter will stop the alarm.

The sludge CAM pump may malfunction when used.Therefore, when the sludge CAM pump failure, how do we solve?Let's see.

1. Turn off the power in time to avoid more serious failure caused by continuous use.

2. When troubleshooting, first understand the cause of the fault, and then carry out maintenance.Otherwise, if you do not understand the cause of the failure directly, you may cause the failure to be completely resolved and waste unnecessary time.

3. After the repair, check it.See if there are any other questions.If there are any other problems, please solve them in time.

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